Monday, November 29, 2010

M.I.A. (and no I am not talking about my daughter . lol)

Wow....feels surreal being on here. Not all together sure why I am either. Maybe it's because I feel bad that I have dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe it's because I am outrageously lonely and depressed right now. Or maybe it's because Macsen's HOME day is rapidly approaching. Whatever the I am.

I first want to apologize for my "absence". Life has marched on whether I like it or not and I have been working really hard to make money, raise precocious daughters alone, finalize a divorce and ultimately...NOT GO CRAZY! Sadly, I have failed pretty much at all of the above. I am over whelmed and tired and quite frankly: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! : )

Tonight I just want to say hello. I miss this and I don't if that makes sense. The ministry has really had to take a back seat because I have little people to feed and the ministry wasn't doing that. I will hopefully get more frequent on here....if nothing else to share my testimony about how hard things can be, and yet somewhere in it all....God is still there. Even if, for the moment, you feel as I do like He might have gone on vacation as far as you are concerned. LOL

sweet dreams and good night all.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Loved. Strong. Able. Inspiring. Lovable. Incredible. Devoted. Amazing. Thoughtful. Beautiful. Encouraging. Resourceful. Creative. Doting. Energizing. Thorough. Selfless. Hopeful. Committed. Important. Blessed.

If you are a mommmy, of babies here. Or babies in are all of these...

and so much more!

Happy Mother's Day

{Please leave a note-tell your name, & then name all of those sweet babies you have! I'll start:}

Hi, my name is Megan. I have THREE babies! Mia Brooke 7, Maizy Bly 4, and Macsen with Jesus since Dec. 2007. Until we meet again sweet little man! I love all three of you! I am so blessed!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am praying we all have a peaceful and hopeful Easter! That today we would be washed anew with the great Love that was shown to us, and the awesome power Jesus had to concquer death and the grave! He has given us that same power if we live for Him! JESUS POUR OUT YOUR SPIRIT THAT WE WOULD KNOW AND WALK IN THAT POWER AND AUTHORITY MORE INTENSELY! TO YOU BE THE GLORY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{First time at this!}

So no kidding...I am crazy for doing this, but I posted my first try at the "Vlogging" thing. (Hate that name btw)

Just want to add here....I didn't mention the ministry because, I guess in my head and heart it totally goes without saying that I am still doing that, and planning to unto I physically can not. Unfortunately, it isn't a great source of income for me and I am seeking other things out on the side! It doesn't mean that it couldn't maybe be the FULL TIME income thing one day! I pray for that daily! But until then, I wanted to share some ideas I have and ask you guys to join me in asking God to order my steps! here it goes! Oh and time I promise to wear make up! ugh!
Oh and don't forget to roll down to bottom to Playlist and pause the O SO AWESOME TUNES before watching! Thanks! Bye!

First time from Megan Gebhardt on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

{Run the Race}

Note: scroll to bottom of Playlist and click PAUSE. Then read the following post and hit play on movie clip. (Bear with the first minute...kinda just "there".)

So much I would like to jot down much is going on in my life. The emotions and trials I face are great....but He is Greater. So I am only, for now, going to share with you something that inspired me as a child, and I didn't even know it. Then I saw it again later in life and only then realized just how much it made that impact on me! Many of you may remember the movie done in the early '80's called Chariots of Fire. It was unapologetically a Christian movie, with an intensely faith based message. It won much acclaim, and I look back upon it in my minds eye often as a reminder. The sad truth is that in this "wordly" world we live there is no likely way that movie would do as well today....maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe not. But none the less, it was Christ that was glorified in it. How many of those do you see anymore?

Lately I have been really asked to walk through some dark. The awesome part in doing that is that I am walking CLOSER now with God in it, then when times have been good. That's just the way it works I guess? I no less, then anyone want to have a smooth, happy, tear free, stress less life. But actually, it's all of those things that bring you to that place that make you a stronger person/disciple/believer in His goodness and truth. I wanna be all of those things. I wanna be a "Rock Star" in all of those things to God! (My youngest actually walked up to me the other morning after I finished puttin' on my jewelry and "face" and said " are such a rock star!!!!!" her! I want to be that way for God though too. Meaning....I just want to shine bright, have all of the attention I get to aim the focus directly back to the deserving One.)

In this life we will have trouble. But take heart, I have over come the world.

We each have much to endure in this life. But He is there. He is loving us through it all. He is giving us strength through it all. Whether we see or feel it or not. I know for myself, I feel so much of a connection with His presence while worshipping. Yes, hands held high singing out to Him. But worship is more then that....we can worship Him in all we say and do. It's a mindset. When I get focused on a creative endeavor, or a small artsy project....when I sit down to do a box...I feel His pleasure, as the movie says. When we swim in the ocean of His love and gifts He has given us....we are worshipping! FYI...worship is supposed to be fun ya know?!!!! It is....He gave us the desires and talents so we would enjoy Him and use it to share with others. I am believing Him that that is how He is going to make it that these girls and I are fead, clothed, and taken care of. His provision, and His alone!!!! So I'm purposely doing alot of creative things as of late. To be in that sweet spot with my Daddy. His presence is the ONLY place I care to be anymore.

It doesn't hurt there.

I wanted to show the clip from the movie that spoke about His pleasure, but I couldn't find one. This one is no less great, however. I am asking God to sear it to my heart tonight. I needed to hear this so very much tonight, Jesus. Thank you. I hope it speaks to you too...enjoy.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{The Journey}

So I promise to really be better about getting on here more and doing some needed writing. It's so good for my head to write about this Journey I am on. I did have the privilage of contributing on a project, and I wanna share....check it out!

Thank you Lindsay!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So I have been so stretched lately. I miss writing on much. Soon I will. But truly right now I need some specifics in prayer! Please pray that...

  • God will show His mighty hand of favor and blessing concerning the "details" of this divorce and any "support" I am to get- favor on my attorney and her wisdom
  • That God would direct my steps and use my talents and gifts (ministry, yes, but also doing Faux wall finishes/furniture refinishing for income) to make it that I can make some $ and be independent of any man and rely souly on God as my provision
  • That my girls would lean heavily into God as their "daddy" and see Him in all His faithfulness and glory and not blame me for this road-that super naturally God would reveal TRUTH to them in tender doses and they would be cooperative with me in this transition
  • I would be filled with FREAKISH hope and faith!!! (That is a continual prayer of mine, actually). I am losing both on occasion....slowly andpetrified of being without all that my God has promised me and my babies....

In short I know Iam in need of prayer.....

I will keep you posted....if you pray, please pray HARD for me and mine!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you..............