Friday, June 20, 2008


In spite of our circumstances, our God is faithful. He most definitely loves us, and has a plan to use our pain to grow something more beautiful then we could ever think or imagine.
The Greatest Blessing is that very truth, manifested into God's tangible love for everyone that has experienced the loss of a baby.

On December 15th, 2007 my handsome boy, Macsen Danforth was born into heaven at just 37 weeks gestation. Utterly stunned with heartache we were told he had a true knot in the umbilical cord. The shock of my life, however, was not at all a shock to our God, the very creator of this sweet little boy, and the only one that could love him more then his mommy. His plan was for The Greatest Blessing, to in place of, be birthed and to be the very thing to open the eyes of many, to His everlasting love for them, especially in a time of weakness and pain. His plan begins to unfold in the form of a memory box. A box I paint and fill with gentle gifts to give to parents of little one's that have gone ahead of them, to live with our King Jesus. Each box has an aromatic candle for lighting in remembrance, a soft heart shaped flax seed and lavender filled pillow to hold on especially lonely nights, a journal to pour out feelings and prayers, a small angel ornament to hold dear, and a special blend of organic sage, parsley and rose bud herb tea to aid the body in suppressing lactation. And also a tract, specific to infant loss, to bring relief to any doubts of where their babies are now, and to help open eyes through scripture as to how they can be confident in being reunited with them through surrendering their own lives to Jesus Christ. The very one that now holds their baby in His arms. These boxes will not replace their baby. It will not fully heal their broken hearts. My prayer is that, walking with the Lord or not, they are suffocated with a small taste of the incomparable love of Jesus Christ. That He would make Himself known to those dear people during a time when so much confusion and torment could befall them. The boxes are intentionally of a "Heavenly aura", as to deflect their eyes off of the temporal and onto the eternal. I KNOW it will bless. I draw from my own pain and feel strongly about the items within it. I am also hearing from my sisters out there that have walked this dark and painful journey as well. Together, we can all make these boxes utter blessings. Whether by simply sharing ideas,joining in prayer, or with financial support-we need to come together to share Him with a very hurting world!

Until we meet again, Macsen Danforth. I love you so my sweet boy! May this ministry glorify our Savior and be a legacy unto your life and how God is using it to further His kingdom. I am so proud of you!