Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{aTtItUdE cHaNgE}

The holidays are here.....YEA! (sarcasm) Wish my attitude were better about it, but it just isn't. Now if I had a one way ticket to Aspen maybe I could get a little "WOOP WOOP" out. But...that's just a daydream. (I'm entitled to daydream....check out that picture! sigh)

There is a lot contributing to this 'tude I have about the holidays....but mainly I am just weary from all of life's struggles. How on earth people get through without knowing Jesus, and feeling Him walk with them is totally beyond me! I would be a wreck. I likely would not even still be alive. My attitude stinks, but I can make the most of it. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been my favorite times of year. There is something about the way everyone embraces life through the festivities that has just always sung to my soul. Why can't we be that way all the time? It's a love/hate thing now that I have about my Macsen going Home around Christmas though. I think, "how appropriate that he went there when we celebrate when Jesus came here", but then I think of how much I want him here to celebrate with his 2 big sissys and daddy and mommy that love and miss him so. But I know his celebration there, far surpasses any we could have here. (It's just me feelin' a bit sorry for myself is all. And that's okay sometimes I think. It's not like I lost my sucker! My son is not here to have and hold!)

I will make a choice, however, to press into the One that is clearly the only reason I have any strength to have done anything I have done up until this point. I will make the food, and have the things planned to make the holidays magical and lovely for my babies. I can do that....and I bet in the process I will have my heart changed.

Today is as good as I choose for it to be. Believing' in a heart change from the One that can do it. He can do anything!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

{tHe ArTiClE}

A year ago this weekend ....

Sigh...I wish that because another year has already passed it means that things are easier somehow. It's not so much. Just another year closer to me being with my boy!

That's a good thing!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

{PrAyInG GoD's wOrD}

Hello to all in blog world! I have been M.I.A as of late- huh?!! Not really, just very busy doing some fine tuning for ministry and getting my wits about me in my personal life. (I've pretty much given up on that ever happening though! HA! Just kidding...not really!)

Ok....so quick post. I need to get my hind end together and get the pics for the studio up here. I know, I know...I said it was gonna be this time, but alas, it's not. : ( I WILL do it shortly and WOW you all with how cute it is! If I do say so myself. : )

So, Living Proof Ministries , i.e. Beth Moore is quite possible one of the most awe inspiring ministries out there and has had direct impact on my life. I mentioned that I was in touch with them about getting the Praying God's Word Day by Day book to be donated in a large quantity, that I may place a copy in every box! (How cool would that be?!!!!) The ladies I dealt with were so gentle and thoughtful and certainly did all that they could do. Because of Beth's immense popularity, and I assume also the recent craze over this particular book, she was able to donate a few, but a great deal less then I was hoping for. Their ministry gets so many requests and they are unable to fill all of them, understandably. I would be lieing if I didn't say how very bummed I was about that. This book is really the meat of the box. God's word...sharper then any two edged sword, and totally God's love letter to each of these precious ladies. However, all is not lost! With my EIN number I will be able to go directly to the publisher and get a "ministry discount" on a large order. (Large being 75 plus books!) I figured the total to come to something like $700. A lot, yes, but well worth it! Now I have been praying about what to do. Just knee jerk reaction and buy them out right now?! The ministry account has that, and it could totally be covered. OR...step out in faith and believe that God is going to move in the heart/hearts of people to give for such a worthy cause! I am putting it out there to have others join me in praying for such favor. If the money were raised exclusively for the books, then the ministry account balance could continue to be used directly toward the supplies to make the boxes and the ever increasing gifts that go inside. Anyway you look at it, The Greatest Blessing will be blessed. If only half that amount were donated there is always the ministry account to fall back on and then the sting won't be as strong!

Prayer works, and I hope that my life and this ministry will be clear evidence to that! How thrilling it will be to offer, straight from the Father to these, possibly unsaved people.

On a lighter note, be on the look out for some updating on the blog. FINALLY! I know. I have been struggling to keep all the balls in the air in a smooth and seamless manner. (I am so not a juggler!) I am really new at ALL OF THIS! Bear with me, please.

I am always grateful to share the latest happenings with this ministry. It is indeed the way I can love my Macsen here on earth, and by giving my life away to others, I love my King! The One and only!My heart is so blessed and grateful for your prayers and encouraging words! You have no idea how much I am it edifies my spirit by those that take the time to email or leave a message. My home is not experiencing ultimate deliverance yet! It will, I believe...we serve a God that should very appropriately be called, The Extravagant One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves us so much....it is the only truth that keeps me going! Press on dear ones....