Monday, August 10, 2009

{cOuNt DoWn}

The count down has certainly begun for the remembrance walk this weekend. will be nice to be in the throws of it, I must say! Those of us involved in pulling it together, and certainly the dear families who's babies are being honored would so appreciate your participation, however you are able! Participating at the actual event, praying for it's success and smoothness, or by simply placing a financial gift/donation. (Paypal button is on left sidebar for your convenience.) We all have a role to play in anything done with the aim of glorifying our God.
This walk will most definitely do that!

You know, most of you do not know all that is involved behind the creation and delivery of each and every box that I serve to these families. Each box has a number of things that need to be done just to "prepare it" . But then there is the art of it. I leave each one to be created at the leading of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic art really! The items within the box take no less time attention to detail to find and place within the box. I never would have dreamed it would be what it is nearly 16 months from the first one that I hand delivered. It is complicated though....I very much want this ministry to flower and grow, but I also know too well how time consuming these boxes are. Each one takes at least 2 hours to fashion. That is not including the shopping/hunting time that goes into the materials and gifts within. I never want these to be rushed or "punched out" as to lose their uniqueness and charm. All of that to say though the money brought in for this fundraiser is going directly to The Greatest Blessing - HUGELY important element to keeping this ministry going. I paid for them out of my own pocket for a time, and would have continued had I a Donald Trump account (lol) but I also know God wants to share this with His people including them in the process, however that may be. Like I said we all have a part to play in glorifying God. You included! : ) I do thank you for supporting this ministry and for believing in God through me. Humbling place He has called me to. Truly.

As the week unfolds I ask for your prayers in pulling all the technicalities into place and organizing the actual day. That I would allow the Holy Spirit to move through me and would honestly be anxious for nothing! NOTHING!

So here we go....five days left.
God be with us!
(Oh ALWAYS ARE! ;) Thank you Jesus)


Holly said...

I hope that the walk is a great success and that a lot of money will be raised! I definitely want to donate to your cause sometime but right now I am going to wait as I have made recent donations to other causes and I think my hubby wants me to take a little break. (He says he hates when I just donate or gets things without asking him so I'm trying to be better at making sure it is ok!) But I can promise you that I will make one before the year is up. ;) Much love!

Anonymous said...

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