Sunday, October 11, 2009

{tRaInInG cAmP}

So I would like to say that I have been away on a extended trip to Italy, living in 200 year old villa, getting in with the locals, but....I haven't! (Sounds like a fine time though, huh? sigh) In all actuality I have been running kids to and from school, dance class, making healthy meals, sifting through the excesses we have accumulated over the years and adjusting to and embracing all the humanness of myself and my husband and the great deal of stuff we are walking through. In all truth, it's been daunting. Hard. Unglamorous. It has been real life. The real life of a Christian.

Did things get harder or easier for you as you started your walk with Christ? Cause mine, after I got serious about it, got harder. Harder in that the battle with my flesh was never more real. I became acutely aware of the war that was waging against my very soul. I am so glad I chose the right team to play for. It still doesn't change the fact that training camp is rough.

Training camp has been wearing on me lately. My spirit has been restless and frankly impatient. I thought the "gimme-gimmie's" and the "I want it and I want it now's" were supposed to stop when we became adults. Not so. Not with me anyway. Thank goodness His mercies are new everyday, huh?!

God is good. He has been holding me a lot lately. Whispering encouragement to me knowing that training camp has me run ragged lately. The ministry has been slower as of late. Of course I like that because it would seem there are little to no babies that are having to be released into His arms. But I really believe God has given me a breather lately. He knows how much energy restoring a marriage is. He knows that I have a real spirit of excellence that wants to make the boxes all that they can be, and have the ministry run in a way that is as efficient and effective as possible. I have spent a lot of time pulling together my studio. It's nothing you might find on HGTV, but I am proud of it's creation from a low budget, it's warmth, order, and personality. It's somewhere I feel free and creative. That's what it's all about. Be looking for a soon coming post with pictures! Yeah!

Training camp is hard. But it is temporary. If you are struggling, feeling worn and tired - keep pressing in to the One that gives us all we need!

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Phillipians 4:13


Molly said...
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Molly said...

I think the only thing that really changes about the "gimme-gimmie's" and the "I want it and I want it now's" as we become adults is that we can no longer rely on our parents to tell us no and God expects us to mature to a point where we can and will tell ourselves no. :)

Trennia said...


Holly said...

I accepted Christ when I was 12 and I have to say it has been harder but by my own choices. Of course, how hard can life seem to a person at that age?

A life relying on God is easier to me b/c I know that He has it all in His hands.

Rachel said...

I so relate to this post, though I don't think I've remotely gone where you've had to go emotionally over the last almost two years. I praise God for how He has answered prayer in your life and continue to pray that your marriage is restored to what it is intend to be.

Jennifer Ross said...

It's nice to read one of your posts. It's been a few weeks:) I always enjoy what you write. Oh... and God's training camp.... wow..... thank God it's temporary! Take Care Megan.