Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{iNfAnT lOsS rEmEmBrAnCe DaY}

Let me be perfectly honest....over the years, Megan has gotten less and less political. Politicians are phony and slimy and frankly, when asked who I am voting for in the coming election, my pat answer is: "None of the above! Is there a place on the balled for 'THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST'?" Cause I will so be all over that!!!!!!!!
All kidding aside though, I know we are called as Christians to speak our voice and do what we can. We live in the most prosperous nation in the world. Technology abounds here, and our medical quality is acclaimed as being top rate! Confusingly, however, the stillbirth rate is higher in the United States then in any other country in the world! Please let that soak in for a minute! Higher then in places where there are zero prenatal vitamins? Zero ultrasounds performed.? Even lack of hospitals?
If you don't have means to pursue the following homework to know what it is you can do! This hurt is one that I can attest to being one, that if avoidable, we want to avoid it! Honor all the families today, that have a little one living with King Jesus. Pray for their hearts today. And pray that God would begin to reveal life through their pain.
P.S I love you Macsen!


October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the United States. More than 25,000 children are stillborn in the United States every year leaving mothers, entire families and communities devastated. Estimates of the rate of occurrence of stillbirth make it at least as common as autism.Stillbirth is not an intractable problem. Greater research would likely significantly reduce its incidence, but good research requires good data. H.R. 5979: Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act is under consideration by Congress. This proposed bill would standardize stillbirth investigation and diagnosis, thus providing more data for the needed research. Better research means fewer children born still.On October 15th, remember the thousands of unfinished children lost and the families who remain to grieve them. Honor them by taking action. Let's help pass H.R. 5979.

Action Steps:

Step 1. Use Your Blog to Enlist Others-Copy the contents of this entire post and publish it on your blog immediately.GOAL: Enlist 10 of your readers to spread the word

Step 2. Use Your E-mail to Enlist Others-E-mail 5 bloggers and ask them (nicely and in an unspammy way) to publish these action steps on their blog. Consider contacting celebrity bloggers, political bloggers, medical bloggers, or bloggers who are not part of your reading community.GOAL: Enlist 3 bloggers outside of your normal blog sphere to spread the word in other online communities.

Step 3. Help Pass the Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act-By October 15th, publish a post on your blog supporting H.R. 5979 Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act. For maximum impact, title your post: "Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act."GOAL: 1,000,000 Google results on October 15th when that term is searched for. Currently, Google only returns 20,400 pages - most of which have nothing to do with the bill.

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Kathi said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of a dear baby boy. I am glad you are sharing his story and the pain you've been going through. His life matters and I'm glad to hear about his little life.

Tara at "But if I Had a Tiara" has a similar story, which she has shared on her blog. I am not sure if you have met her. She is on my blog roll on my side bar if you'd like to visit her. Have a blessed day and thank you for visiting me.