Monday, October 27, 2008

{hOpE iN hEaVeN}

Close your eyes, and picture it..........

The cold December night air on your face. Warm jazzy Christmas music to charm the ambiance. Crisp white Christmas lights setting your eyes to drink in all the gorgeous baskets and gifts from the most generous of hearts. Taken away by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and an elegant table of decadent desserts that almost sing to you. Precious person, upon precious person there with the same desire. To be a part, in someway to come alongside broken hearted mommy's and daddy's to remind them that all is not lost! There is indeed a purpose behind their sorrow. A purpose far greater then they could think or imagine. A purpose, that although extreme in it's level of hurt now, can be cradled by something only a God that loved us, so much He sent His son could provide. Cradled by a Hope in Heaven.
On December 15th, 2008 The Greatest Blessing Ministry is hosting it's 1st annual Silent Auction and Dessert. The money raised will go towards the growing of a ministry, that I know from very personal experience, is desperately needed. In the hospital I was given a simple satiny box to hold my son's belongings. His cap, his ID bracelet, a lock of his hair, and his delicate hand and foot casts. It was all nice.....but how do you put a limit on the degree of kindness and love when someone has been given such a rocky road to journey upon? His hair was in a zip lock bag, and the box was bulging and most definitely made in China. (no offense) Just not the perfection that should hold my sweet boys things.

The Greatest Blessing Memory Boxes,are intentionally created with a heavenly aura, and not overtly "baby boy", or "baby girl". To me, that is intensely depressing..... the idea is to help get minds off of the temporal, and onto the eternal. After all, there is no doubt, saved or unsaved, all agree that our babies are in a place of paradise and happier then anyone of us could dream, conjure up or attempt to pay for ourselves! Jesus already paid for it! The goal is to fill each box with gifts to help heal mind, body and spirit.

Organic Sage, Parsley and Rose Bud tea to aid the body in halting the lactation process.......

A beeswax candle to light in remembrance of the sweet life God blessed you with........

A unique to each box, journal. A place to pour out thoughts and prayers.....

A bookmark with a scripture message....'faith comes by hearing the word'..........

A beautiful and soft hand-made heart shaped flax seed and lavender pillow, that when warmed in the microwave will feel nice on those especially lonely nights.........(no image right now. I will get one soon....)

A small coordinating box to hold the little lock, ID bracelet, etc.....

A silver angel "mommy" pin to wear to act as a voice for those who might feel like being quite, but still let the world know who they are and what they helped create......(no image right now. I will get one soon....)

Heaven by Randy Alcorn mini-booklet to help, scripturally, answer those questions we all might have after someone we love dies. (no image right now. I will get one soon....)

Honestly....My hope is to have this box so packed with gifts, that closing it is a real challenge! To spill out love from a box that represents King Jesus. And all that He puts "into" us.

Come, save the date and step out into the December cold, and the promise in it's air that Jesus brought on that night in Bethlehem. Come celebrate Macsen Danforth's birthday Home, December 15th. Be there to support a cause that although new, is quite old in it's primace:

Love your neighbor as you love yourself. ~Galatians 5:14

The Greatest Blessing Ministry is hosting


A Silent Auction and Dessert Event

To benefit families that suffer infant loss and to celebrate the life of Macsen Danforth and his 1st birthday Home!

at Greater Gresham Baptist Church in Gresham, Oregon

Monday,December 15th 2008 7pm-10pm

*Tickets will go on sale in the foyer of GGBC. $10. each. Contact Megan Gebhardt directly to purchase now. 503.953.2252

A small taste of items to be auctioned off are:

  • Photography package donated by Full of Grace Photography (NILMDTS volunteer)
  • Autographed Randy Alcorn book, Heaven
  • Autographed fiction book Deadline by Randy Alcorn
  • Autographed fiction book Deception by Randy Alcorn
  • Autographed fiction book Dominion
  • Get Out of That Pit Beth Moore book
  • Jesus the One and Only hard cover devotional book by Beth Moore
  • Hand made designer jewelry by Christa Collection
  • 2 Car Details by 4 Wheel Fellowship
  • "Starbucks or Bust" Gift Basket
  • "Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Gets Hurt" Gift Basket
  • All About Kids gift certificate
And much, much more! All utterly appropriate and special to give to your loved ones on Christmas, and all for a cause so worth while!


Steph said...

What you are doing is so beautiful. Your site has touched my heart.
I have never had a stillborn, but I have had 2 miscarriages.
My heart breaks for you. Your baby is beautiful. So are your girls.
Thanks for stopping by so I could find you!

Lynnette Kraft said...

This all sounds wonderful Megan. I'm so excited to see (hear) how it all turns out.
I'll be over in Kansas praying!
Lynnette :)