Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok.....so I know this might come as a SHOCKER to many of you (it did me....not really), but this world is "worldly" everyday, all the time, and most definitely screaming at anyone that has been called to: The Kingdom and it's furthering. (If any of you are a bit hazy...that would be all of us. Some are just a bit more privy to that reality then others is all).

We are aliens here. The minute that we begin to feel "comfortable" is the minute that I pray for myself, that I would drop to my knees and beg God to send a legion of His angels to hold me up and guide me in my chosen road to journey on.

My heart has suffered much, my eyes have seen more then any should. But losing my baby is the most earthquaking thing that has happened to me to date. I expect that many of you would concur. Many of you out there know that same pain. BUT......WHO creates actual earthquakes? WHO whispers to the volcanoes to show their life? WHO made that baby in your womb to begin with? My point is this- do we honestly want to attempt to live in this world, and all of it's "worldliness" without the power of the Holy Spirit. Without being as close to and in as sync with as absolutely possible? The very spirit that carried those sweet babies Home to a paradise that not even the most vivid of imaginations could dream of....is the same spirit that empowers you and I to live in this foreign land. To live in it in a way that draws many, sings peace, and brings fame to a very real King we all know and love!

This week I am meditating on a song. (I do that alot. I have zero pitch....you will never tell me I should be on American Idol. Yet some how or another along the way in life, music has become a very important way that in which I convey my heart and "journal" my thoughts.) The song is one you are likely familiar with. It is done often. But when it is sung by young women whom which I know have very similar desires as I, and know this world like we as woman clearly do....it brings even more power to the melody, and to the words.
My God's enough for me!
This world has nothing for me!
He is enough....HE IS!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Boy do I know what you mean! This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through...

I'm glad to hear that you're meditating on songs that encourage you Megan. I know this journey hasn't been easy for you and I praise God for your testimony of his help and faithfulness to you.


Jennifer Ross said...

I was driving through town the other day, and I was praying for the people that were walking down the street. I had a sadness come over me, like they were just LOST. I try to humble myself daily, and ask God to continue using me. I want Him to be proud of me. Yes, I know I will never be able to perfect. Thanks to Jesus, we can have forgiveness that brings such great mercy and grace.

Leslie said...

Can you imagine just how wonderful our reception into Heaven will be?! We'll get to meet Jesus AND our sweet little angel babies! I can't wait!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Oh...how often I feel like an alien in this world of ours...more and more as time goes on. It is not our home, as Lynette said. Our God is truly and completely ENOUGH! Your heart is so beautiful Megan and you bless me with your love for our faithful God.

Love and Prayers,