Saturday, June 13, 2009


If most of us were really honest, could we truly say that everyday, and in all things that we are really surrendering to Christ? Not just with the obvious things like swearing, lusting, selfishness, etc....But with maybe the things that aren't as "obvious". For example....not leaning on food for our comfort, throwing away the Xanax bottle and really committing to fully allowing Jesus to be ALL that we need?! Not pouring that glass of wine to relax, but instead committing yourself to Him. Praying in every moment of stress or frustration. Taking a walk instead of popping a pill. Dancing like a crazy person in the living room to a loud worship song..... not sitting in front of the boob tube with a vat of potato chips and a side of ice cream.

I am certain that this will sting many who read it, and that's fine. It is stinging me as I type it. That is precisely why I am doing it! So welcome to the club.

Now certainly there is a place for antidepressants and mood stabilizers for seasons in our life or genetic issues out of our control. Also we have been given things that are meant to be enjoyed and used to make life richer....but if we are going to something in first place over Him when we are hurting or stressed....guess what? That is called idolatry!


I don't want to rely on anything, anyone, no plate of food, any bottle, any prescription drug, or and shopping high to comfort me. All I want is Jesus to comfort me. What does He say in the word? Cast all your anxiety upon me. ? That isn't as simple to do as it might sound. It isn't for me. I feel like if I am not doing one, I'm doing another. And of course Christians are not immune from placing judgement and labeling people in there own little "comfort zones". But truth be told....we all have a great deal of room for growth in this arena! In fact, in my experience, Christians can often be the first to attack and cannibalize their own! Ignorant to what a brother or sister is contending with in the spiritual realm. Because make no mistake....we are all in a spiritual warfare. Some are just under more intense and relentless attack!

I am praying for the Lord Jesus to be gentle and yet swift in healing this in my life, and in yours. When my son died, the level of awareness in this topic went to all new heights. What I honestly used to witness in others I would make judgements about. Now that I am standing in these shoes- I better understand why and how you end up there. But it doesn't mean we have to stay there. His death was the blow in my life that leveled it all and brought me to the reality of FLESH and just how stupid and destructive it is. It wants to have all the glory and it is trying to put us all in a plot of dirt!

He died that we would have life! And have it to the full!

Full of Him. Nothing more, and certainly....nothing less.



Holly said...

I know some things I haven't surrendered and I know I should. It isn't easy that's for sure but I am working on it.

Jennifer Ross said...

Amen! It's very hard... but so worth it!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for some fresh perspective on how I need more and more to rely on Christ and not the tangible things that will inevidably lets me down. Keep up the insightful, transparent and encouraging posts.

Holly said...

I got those angel wings at Maurices. I just needed to spend like $10 more to get a free flipflop so I looked at the jewelry and it was hanging there. It's a neat necklace!