Thursday, June 25, 2009

{dId ThEy KnOw JeSuS}

There will likely be many out there that will post this evening about the high profile deaths that took place today. I don't care. I need to do it anyway. I have been affected.

Affected? How you might ask. I'll tell you.

First, and most obviously...I am a mercy. It's how God has wired me and it effects everything in my life. I mean, when I was a child I used to make my mom pull over and let us say some words of respect for the prairie dog that someone hit with their car?! And then God gave me this ministry! Seriously God? WOW! being a mercy may be the precise reason He gave it to me though. I very much can feel others hurts.

A post or two ago I embedded a video clip. A clip that my very good, and Godly friend sent me. She told me of how much it opened her eyes to her own walk, and the tinges of "lukewarmness" in her own life. When I first heard it, I was rocked! It isn't easy to hear. (Which I am pretty sure is a huge reason why the comment section was silent. Not that I have a slew of "followers". It's fine that I don't. I do this blog for me and the few I might be helping. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest or anything.) It always hurts to hear that we might be walking in a less then "disciple" manner before our Lord. But it is intensely wise to examine our walk frequently and clean out parasites and wrong thinking.

So as this message sank in, it hurt no less. That in accompaniment with the book I mentioned by Chan, here , that I am reading, God has been really forcing me to reevaluate what a "Christian" looks like. That title is so thoughtlessly thrown around anymore.

We are called to be aliens.

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone. Eph. 2:19-20

We are said to be in the world. But not of it.

But our citizenship is in Heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. Phil. 3:20

If people were to be honest about how it is you "look" in this place, what would they say about you? Do you look different then everyone else? Or do you fit in? And I am wondering more about those in your sphere of influence that aren't saved. Their opinion will be far less bias, likely.

As I saw the news flash before my eyes this afternoon I was struck in speechless shock as the words unfolded with:


All I could think of was: Did he know Jesus?

Then moments later, in that same state of shock:


All I could think of was: Did she know Jesus?

Again...I do not "know" these people, obviously.

But my God does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He knows them and loves them. He was there with them before they were ever conceived or ever idled by us fellow humans.

God is moving you guys! He is moving and He wants us to move!

Move out of our comfort zones. Talk to people about our testimony even when it seems like a preposterous moment to do so.

Move from what we know to what we don't know.

Move from what others expect, to what God CAN do.

Move from the obvious, to the thing that takes faith to get there!

Move! Move where He is calling you to go! It isn't always going to make sense!

But what doesn't make sense here, will there!

Sharing Jesus with people that do not know Him will behoove them greatly here, and certainly in the after life. When they are on their death bed, if they get one, as Farrah Fawcett did. Or for those that may not get a death bed, like Michael Jackson. Jesus died for all!

No day is promised.

Share Him with urgency.

Love Him with urgency.





Ruth said...

AWESOME! I know! This is MUCH work to be done and our God is capable to use whomever, whenever. Sorry, I haven't commented. Loved the video and have been telling my friends to watch it. Life is a little crazy busy, so time for blogland. I have bought 10 book of Crazy Love and am sharing them with my friends and family and am encouraging them to pass it on. I am so excited and eager to see what God has in store. . .So, it was "our" birthday today and so I am celebrating by giving myself some time in blogland. It was a good day but I miss him and wish that God didn't use me this way but what choice to I have, it is done but I am choosing how I respond and I am and want to live for God's glory alone. Love you!!!! Thank-you for your realness and your ministry!!! You are much loved by me and our GOD!

etrhodes said...

Girl we are on the same page! All I could do when I heard that news was pray that they were right with the Lord before they died. I don't know where they were with Him but He does!

Jennifer Ross said...

When I heard about the two deaths yesterday, the first thing that came to my mind, are they in heaven or hell. I talked to my mom about it today. Even my children have questioned about it, and I am taking every opportunity to express how important it is that we know where we are going when the Lord takes us home.

I am so glad that you posted on this! I was wondering if anyone else out there had the same thoughts as I did, when hearing the news.

I never was able to hear your post that nobody had commented on. I have dial up internet at home, and it would take FOREVER to download. So I sadly passed on the hour download:(

Thank you for being an awesome servent of the Lord. God Bless.

christa jean said...

Amen, sistah!
Keep silent no more.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi sorry that it has been awhile. I have been a little overwhelmed lately...and trying to keep up with it all. This post had so much truth in it. We need to share the love of Jesus with those who cross our path. And not wait until it is too late. This is heavy on my heart as well...especially as we see these losses which are touching so many lives. Do they know Jesus? And are we showing Him to them?

Thanks, Megan...I hope all is well with you...and you are still in my prayers...

Love to you,

Blasé said...

Preach it, Sista!