Monday, January 26, 2009

{tHe AuCtIoN}

There is a great deal to be excited about in this little world, called my life. God has shown Himself faithful and true, time and time again. That is such a lovely thing to bathe in after knowing intense betrayal in my short time here on earth. Our God means what He says, and He does what He says. Box by box that goes into the empty arms of heartbroken people, I am so blessed to be used by such a faithful and true God, I can't even tell you.

For several years now I have been feeling like a real loser. have given me this gift. This gift to make things pretty, and cozy, comforting and warm, and from what I have been told of others, welcoming. But how, how on earth can I be used by you with those gifts? My home is lovely and it is a blessing to make it such for my family?! I could host a bible study or something, but is that all? I want to do more. Use me God.

And then my prayer was answered,and my life was forever changed. Little did I know that in saying that prayer, in the very answering of it was needing to take place, the death of my one and only boy. His ways aren't our ways, are they? There is no way you can know what God is going to do, or planning to.

So these boxes are His plan. He is using these gifts of mine that He had planned on using, long before the notion of losing my baby had ever even touched my thoughts.

Make no mistake, dear one, He has a plan for you as well. I can not explain how I knew this was what I was to do. I think the most obvious indicator was that it made little sense to those around me. How can you want to reach out so soon?What is making you want to tread through the reminder of it? It really was when everyone thought I was a bit "off" that I was beginning to see that I was "alot" on the right track.

The Greatest Blessing's first fundraiser and auction is coming up this next Friday. I am extremely excited to see how it unfolds, and to see all that God does. I have not done anything like this before in my life! I mean...I can throw a mean 6 year old Princess Pony Birthday Party, but this is a few degrees hotter then that! Somehow though, God has given me a vision, a plan, and intensely generous people that have donated and are helping behind the scenes, but I still need your prayers, people of God. He is listening, and He loves to see us flourish when our aim is to help others, share our testimony, and place Him on His rightful throne! That is all I am trying to do here. I remember lying in my hospital bed, a day or so after my Macsen went to live in Heaven, and saying, "the only way that going through this pain will be worth going through is to witness FREAKISH glorification of King Jesus!"

Every dollar raised will enable this ministry to continue. I have been paying for the boxes from my own pocket, and have done it with pure joy. But, my life is changing, my home is changing, and God is doing a work in the midst of it, despite how much hurt and darkness seem to be surrounding me. Besides, it is not for me to hoard all of the joy in helping theses hurting needs to be shared! So much this life hands us to wade through seems impossible to defeat at one time or another. But He will cause His perfect plan to work out and do exceedingly and abundantly more then we can think or imagine!

By the way...public speaking is certainly not my most loved and adored pass time, but I have so much I want to convey, and I need God to speak it all through me. (Add that to your prayers PLEASE.)

If you are able, near, available, I hope to see you at the auction. It can't happen without the people! Together as the body of Christ, we can share with the grieving the Hope we have in a God that has conquered death and the grave! Praise you Jesus!

You are KING!


christa jean said...

Thank You, Lord, that You are in control! You will give Megan wisdom and graciousness of speech. You will grant favor and blessing. You hear and answer every prayer. Let Your presence be so evident to Megan this Friday night. Amen!

I will be there! Can't wait!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I can't wait to see what the Lord does next in your life...Oh, He is working! You are on an adventure...and your heart is so willing! I LOVE IT! Praying His blessings and provision for the upcoming auction. He will be with you...He will give you the words and the confidence to speak. He will...


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hey, I forgot to tell you...You asked about my button awhile back. And, Danielle (love her!)just added a button for my blog and one for our website ( you still want to add our button.