Tuesday, May 19, 2009


How do you really begin to express the emotions you feel? What can you really say to paint a picture of what you see through your eyes? Will anybody care? Some days, I feel like nobody does. So it is on thoughs days that you can imagine how sustaining it is to know that my Abba cares. He not only cares, but eagerly longs to know me, be with me, and have relationship with me. He is head over heals in love with me you know? (Did you know He is with you too? It's true)

He longs for that love from you too.
From everyone.
So I don't understand how anyone could want to turn that down? When we look upon all of the blessings He has so graciously given each of us. All paling in comparison of course with the cross!

My life has not existed that long. I mean, I am relatively speaking,still young. (Even if some days I don't feel so young! : ) Yet in that small spance of time, I have managed to "live" life and really pack it chalk full of everything and all that this world has to offer. (And I do mean all!) So I guess I am bias in my hope in Christ and in my love for Him and His boundaries/plans/promises! I have a great deal to compare it to you see.....and every bit of it comes up wildly short! It is all full of lies, half truths, empty promises and it's all perfectly wrapped up with the finishing touch: a bow of guilt, shame, regret, and hopelessness.

I have not lived a sheltered life and read about these chains of bondage in the scriptures while scratching my head to understand their weight.

I have worn the chains. I know the weight they bear.
I have scars to prove it....
I like to call them beauty marks. : )

I am not some doofus Christian that walks around thumping my bible. I think I am actually a tinge cool from time to time, even. As long as I don't try to be anyhow. (Oh, didn't you know Christians could be cool?) In fact, in all of my life I have met many "cool" people by the worlds standards and hands down the top 10 are ALL Christians. *****GASP**** I know. You might need to sit down for that.
This post isn't going to be outrageously profound or be my gut wrenching and raw testimony or anything. I simply wanted you to get to know me, a little bit better. I am, after all, just a girl, with a heart for family, life, love...for God. Maybe next time, we can grab a cup of Joe together and learn even more about each other.......

They both HAD to be Mary for the harvest party. So sweet! My beautiful girls!

This pic so depicts my ladies unique personalities!

If it's white, I paint it! totally in my element with paint brush in hand! Those jeans have been involved in much creativity! they are likely what I am wearing whenever I am creating a box!Maybe your box?!

Good morning bed heads!

This is the last family picture taken of us.
All 5 of us. :(

White roses are my favorite flower ever! God gave me these!

These are our very best friends, Valerie and David Allen.
They live much too far away! I miss you! (I am very pregnant with my Macsen in this shot)Helllloooo Val! Love you!

BFF's (precious)

Maizy Bly: my child of light!

Birthday party planning is one of my many creative joys! Happy birthday miss Mia!

Their daddy......and little Mia,1.

Sugar lips Maizy. I can't help but see pics of these girls
at around this age of 1 and not try to envision what brother would look like. No less cute, certainly!

Macsen's hand and foot cast on a display table at his memorial. So grateful to have these!

Pink Christmas tree in my girls room.....OF COURSE!

You will rarely find me NOT in my boots.

The hardest day of my life.....

After going through alot of my pictures, I was sad at just how few there were of me and my girls. (A little sad too at just how disorganized it all is too, argh!) Before I had kids I was a total ham in front of a camera! Since becoming a mommy, I've been the one taking the pictures, not posing for them.
I'm gonna start getting in front of the camera more!
More pictures of ME!
Living life!


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love you, girl...you are such a blessing! (And your boots are pretty cool, too!)

Jennifer Ross said...

It was really nice to see some pictures of you and your family. Thank you for sharing! Your children are so sweet:)

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and for letting us get to know you a little better!

Have a beautiful week!

Rachel said...

Somehow I missed this post, but loved it! I wish you lived closer so we could hire you to paint our VERY white walls.