Saturday, May 2, 2009

{wE nEeD eAcHoThEr}

Ok, so yes I am their mommy- BUTT this picture of my babies cute butts is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! My sweet friend Amy is a professional photographer, (shocker, I know) and she took us out for a photo shoot months back and this was one of many of the gems captured.

When I look at this shot it brings so much to mind. The closeness clearly shared between them is needless to say, powerful. Often as this journey of life unfolds, it is becoming more and more clear to me that we not only need God, but we need each other. I think about the minutes, and hours and days after Macsen went Home and how surrounded and loved I felt by God's people. I was cared for and loved on in selfless ways that NOTHING and NO ONE had shown me before in my life! Yet, there was nothing other then every one's exterior appearance (skin color, features, builds, etc) that could have clued an on-looker to the fact that these people were not "family".

What they did not know, is that they indeed were, and of a "family" that has the best daddy/Abba in all of the world! Even if His will was for my son to live there instead of here.... He is good ALL the time!

We have this "family" that we need! God uses our hands and feet to support each other, love each other and comfort each other.

Can I encourage you out there to LET them! Let them love you and care for you! By the same token BEING His hands and feet is what we are called to be as well! From personal experience, it has been monumental in healing my broken heart! Providing comfort using my gifts and talents to maybe ease the pain of others is more of a gift to me actually!? What a paradox?!

Giving when something has been taken.

Sharing when you feel like you have nothing to share.

Helping when you so often feel like you need help.

We need each other.....I hope to hold your hand and walk the rocky cobblestone path we've been called to. I can promise you that one day soon, it will transform into streets of gold.

And this long, hard and mundane walk will no doubt turn to a joyful skip!


Leslie said...

Today was my baby's due date. My good friend and co-worker called this morning to see if she could just come by to drop something off. About a 1/2 hour later she came over with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Just a token to show that she cares!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your posts always touch me...I love your blog..
I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
Hope you will stop by for another visit.
The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...

Jennifer Ross said...

What a neat picture of your girls! It was so nice to have people there for me when I felt so alone. Even though I shut must of them out, I knew that they were waiting there when I was ready.

Ruth said...

Dearest. Love your girls and how sweet is their sister bond. I also wanted you to know that I listen to your playlist constantly, I just have it on as I go about my day. I love your choice of music. Thank-you for encouraging me, through your comments but mostly through your posts. God is at work accomplishing GREAT things! I am so glad that He has blessed us with each other. I want you to know that you can call 262-620-3979 anytime you need anything or write. We are in this together and I am so grateful for you. We may even get together one day before heaven, who knows. God be with you in the week ahead, peace and joy to you, my sister in Christ.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

We do so need each other...and I am so grateful for the body of believers I am privileged to call family.

Love to you...