Sunday, July 20, 2008

{GeNeSiS oF tHe GrEaTeSt BlEsSiNg BlOg}

Getting a blog going was inevitable in this world of blogs, blogs, blogs. I very much hope for it to be a place that family and friends can come and read about the Gebhardt girls, but also the ministries progress and needs. May it be an encouragement to those of us that have shared in this same hurt. In spite of our circumstances, our God is still faithful.

For those unfamiliar with
The Greatest Blessing's mission ,
let me share it's vision God shared with me.
I paint and fill memory boxes to give to mommies who's little one's go to be w/Jesus. Inside each box there is a candle for remembrance, a journal to pour out thoughts and prayers, lactation suppressing tea, an angel pin, a soft flax seed and lavender filled pillow for cuddling, a small porcelain angel ornament, and a book mark. There is a tract, specific to infant loss in the making. Please keep it's creation in your prayers. Most families immediately will agree that their child is in heaven. But unfortunately, many are under the false assumption that they will be "automatically" reunited with them based on them being "a good person". I so want those families to know the truth and have not only confidence in that reuniting, but also having the peace that passes all understanding as they go through their mourning. The Lord Jesus is the only reason I am here today with the state of mind that I have. He is no doubt, 'the way, the truth and the life.'

Macsen Danforth, I dedicate this blog to you and your short but powerful and purposeful life! You have impacted me more then any one person ever has. I thank God for you everyday! I recall shortly after you went to live with the Lord, I was telling God all I wished to be doing was to be with my boy, and sharing in doing the very thing he was doing. The Holy Spirit, in His faithfulness said to me, "Megan....he is worshipping me." And so began a new zeal of praise, worship, and adoration to the only one who is worthy. The one and only that made it even possible to have hope in heaven: KING JESUS!

Until we meet again, sweet little man. I love you! May this ministry glorify our Savior and be a legacy unto your life and how God is using it to further His kingdom.


Debra said...

Prayers are continuing to go up on behalf of you, your family and your ministry. Keep pressing on, girl!

ejb said...

So grateful that you are letting the Lord guide you through this...He's in everything & always faithful...lots of love from your mom...