Wednesday, July 23, 2008

{WhAt A pIcTuRe!}

Tonight my girls and I watched for the jillionth time (is that really even a number?)
Narnia. It really is so masterfully written to depict the message of the cross (the stone table). I was blessed anew as I paused the movie to explain to my girls the hidden message within the story. The White Witch (Satan), how initially she offered Edmund hot cocoa and turkish delight, and then promised him more in due time, only to with hold it and keep him captive. How true this is of our great enemy. He promises it all to our stomachs (our flesh) only to come up short in the end. The Father of lies. He bears the title well. Edmund (at one time or another me and you) so pitiful and self seeking. Stuck in his mind in a place of torment and confusion. Continuing to go back for more with the White Witch, always to leave with shame and despair. Aslan (our Savior and King) so noble, and of peace. As He enters into the tent with the witch to negotiate Edmund's fate I never cease to be moved to tears. He is celebratory of the negotiation and yet struck by it's reality.

We all know full well how the "tale" unfolds from there. But the last few minutes really rocked me tonight. I have been so stirred by the Holy Spirit in past weeks at the unfortunately low level of authority we display. We live in defeated, victim, unsure and compromising lifestyles, and wonder why we don't feel more 'joy of the Lord'? As Aslan proudly announced each one of the characters I thought, "Yes. That's for us. That is us! We are Royalty! When on earth are we going to start living like it?" We have royal blood running through our veins!

I am tickled pink that my babies like that movie so. Their dad has been reading the whole series with them, and I have no doubt that it will be a stepping stone to their grip of who they are in Christ! All in all, a good flick! The only thing that I would change is Aslan. My God is WAY bigger than that Aslan depicted! Hollywood probably wouldn't like me very much! Oh well.

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