Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{bEhOlD tHe ChRiStMaS tReE}

I have been attending a GriefShare class on Wednesday nights while my ladies are in there AWANA classes. And I can honestly say, it has been a real blessing. I know, it's kind of a sad thing, to think of a room full of grieving people. Truth be told, I wasn't really wild about the idea of it myself at first. I am not someone that likes to "camp out" in pain and feel sorry for myself. Shame on me, this is anything but. Grieving in a healthy and biblical way is good, appropriate and precisely what we need to do to gain "molding" from our pain. It's pruning really....what rose bush didn't gain fragrant flowers after much pruning? (Not including my rose bushes....I do not have a green thumb. Fortunately, God has green hands!!!!) This class has been a safe place to cry, share and really understand what God is doing in our walk with Him, even in the midst of such suffering. He, after all, is no stranger to it. Suffering that is. He himself is the man of sorrows.

With everyday though, that I go to my Grief Share class, or I go to a friends house to visit, or come to this blog to "journal".....I am always drawn back to my new all-time obsession. It's not my wardrobe because I never know what turn that could take. (I shop at the Goodwill and resale shops, so it's really out of my hands what direction it will go-I love it! the thrill of the hunt!) It's not my wall colors. I have literally tackled nearly every square foot of white wall there is in this home, with the exception of the the stairway hall.( Not going to be a simple task by any means. Once this auction and the holidays are behind me, however....."move over sterile white walls! Hello teal and gold". (Looking forward to that. I know, I have a sickness!!!)

No, my new obsession is Heaven. What will it be like? Who will I know? What will we do? Where will it be? If you have someone you love dearly that is there, a friend, a parent, a child.... please give yourself the gift of truth. Heaven by Randy Alcorn, I highly recommend it. It has blown my mind in what "I thought" I knew about Heaven and what to expect! He keeps it completely biblical and it is an absolute page turner.

The Lord has actually been preparing me for this "obsession" for quite some time now. In many ways, reallybut over the last few years I have been collecting ornaments for my tree, really making it's "theme" of Heaven. Some of you are aware of my deceased Christmas tree that had been with us for the last 6 years. It was beautiful, kind, full of memories, and longer meant to be.
So......I present to you our new friend. Behold, The Christmas tree......

But our citizenship is in Heaven. ~Philippians 3:20
There is a Home beyond this place for you and for me. If you are feeling uncomfortable and unfullfilled with what this world has offered you, that is right and good! We are only passing through this place. One day we will be there. Hold on dear sister and brother. The journey will be worth it once we're Home!

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Sustainable Juice said...

Its so important to talk and grieve in the mist of believers. To "comfort those in Zion". Blessings to you my friend!