Saturday, December 6, 2008

{tHe ReAsOn FoR tHe SeAsOn}

Okay, so I know this post is suppose to be "the big reveal" new Christmas tree, right?!. (Truly earth shattering update, I know! But if you knew me, and what a real goober I am about this most glorious season, then that being a "big reveal" would not seem so strange.)

Tonight, instead I want to say a few things that I have felt led to say.

This Christmas many of us are missing someone we love. Someone that has gone Home to Heaven. And here we are, hurting in our heart as we think of all we don't have here to look forward to with them.

All the things we wished we'd said, or done and didn't.

Wanting so very much to curl up in our bed and wake up with them.

Holding onto all the "what if's", and "if only's".

I am no different then you. I think those same thoughts.

But, what is Christmas about? Who is The Prince of Peace? Whom do they refer when they speak of this Savior for all man kind?

King Jesus

Let me ask you a question. If the one/many you love that are already Home, were able to see you-see you now in all that you are doing, saying, feeling.....would they like what they see? Of course there is a season of hurting, and hurting so much you can't breathe. Isolating and feeling unsocial. Wanting so much to disappear. But in the later days of them going Home were they to see all that you are doing, would they be proud and happy to see you living as you are?

Dear friend......they can see all that we are doing. They can, and are likely praying for you as well. What a picture.....your loved one, and King Jesus, interceding on YOUR behalf!


There is nothing that will keep us from this fallen world's "hurt". But what we CHOOSE to do with it makes all the difference. WHO we choose to do it with, makes all the difference. And to whom we bend our knee to, will undoubtedly make all the difference. And make no mistake, we all bow our knee to something/someone. (ex. our stuff, our spouse, sex, alcohol, religiousness....etc) There is no substitute, no alternative, no comparison. He is the way, the truth and the life. ~John 14:6

Dear friend....your loved one is happy. Rejoice in that knowledge. That is what matters. Hold onto the hand that also holds the hand of the one you miss, so very much. He is worthy. He is Love.

This Christmas meditate on the sacrifice that was made. Made for me. Made for you, and made for your loved one. That we might spend all of eternity with the One that loves us more then our wildest dreams could imagine.

CHOOSE not to focus on what you don't have, but rather, what you do. You might have more then your eyes have yet seen.

Beloved, if you do not know the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior , and wish to, please send me a comment. I will tell you what I know, and send you else where when I don't know. This life has hope in it. And it came swaddled up in cloths and lieing in a manger........

I love you Jesus.

Jesus....the reason for the season.


Rachel said...

Thanks again for sharing TRUTH! I've struggled a bit with wanting to rant on my blog, but have resisted thus far, wanting to be hope for others, not an angry complainer. Your words have encourage me to continue to remain strong and keep my blog uplifting.

Thanks for your comment on my blog and the offer of a memory box. I'd actually rather have you send it to someone else. I don't have her address yet, but I will ask. Pray for her. Her name is Tara and her daughter was stillborn on Oct. 21, 2008. She is NOT a believer and has just started attending church. She is searching desparately for answers. We "met" on Facebook through a stillbirth group and she only lives about 30 miles from me. Pray that she would be comforted during the holiday season and especially on the 21st. I will get her address to you when I am able to do so.

As for scriptures that have meant a lot to me since Felicity died - I've definitely been holding on to Psalms, but my son who is six has been finding all the verses that reference JOY or FAITH and we've been highlighting them. Felicity's name means "Joyful Faith" So those verses mean a lot. I especially like Isaiah 61:3 "To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of JOY for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified."

Thanks for all you do for moms! I'll be think of you as you approach Macsen's one year heavenly anniversary!

Suzie said...

Hi Megan. I am Suzie, Cooper's Momma. Thank you for reaching out to me on my blog. I have read a lil of your story (time constraint) I would love to talk sometime. I hope you and your family have a magical holiday season.


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Megan...wonderful reminder of the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you...and thank you for adding our blog to your site. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season. Talk to you soon...