Monday, December 15, 2008

{tHaNk YoU}

It snowed. It snowed alot. Many are reluctant to venture into it (which I must say I don't get. I feel like a real fuddy-duddy when I say this, but here it goes. I used to walk in 6 ft of snow to get to school. Blizzard or not, I was walking. I grew up in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, so nothing.). So, bearing in mind all of those that were unable to come tonight, we have decided to postpone it. It is Macsen's birthday Home, which is cause for celebration. But I can celebrate that anytime. All the time. Everyday I am reminded of his presence missing in my life. But soon after that reminder, I am eased with the peace, that it is only for a time. One day we will be together again.

At the point at which my heart was the heaviest thus far today, I fell to my knees to pray. The sobs were too suffocating to get much off of my lips. I was, however, able to say the only thing that would have summed my heartache up to the Lord into one small phrase: "Thank you!!!!"

God's sacrifice for you, and for me, and for Macsen, is what ensures our place in Heaven. It is what keeps my heart imprisoned in hope!

"Thank you", was all I could say.

It's all that needs to be said.

Macsen, my little man...I love you. Happy Birthday! I would sing it to you, but I am pretty sure the angels are doing that better then I could. What a party it must be!

NEW AUCTION DATE: (all tickets purchased will be valid at the door. So hold onto them!)

Friday, January 30th 7pm-9pm

Save the date, and please do not feel concern for this change and how it is effecting me. God is on His thrown.....He has something bigger in store! Hope you'll stick around with me to see what it is! Thank you.


Terrie said...

I'm sorry you had to change your plans for tonight, but I will be there in January. Thank you for sharing Macsen with all of us and for letting us be a part of your ministry. You are in my prayers today as you celebrate Macsen's birth and homecoming. May God Bless you. Terrie Johnston

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Praying God's continued comfort and hope for you today...remembering your precious Macsen. And praying for the upcoming auction.

Debra said...

The Greatest Blessing auction was in my prayers last night. The Lord knew the weather would be frightful for native Oregonians and I believe these redirections are part of a greater plan.

After all, He is the greatest Blessing!

I look forward to being at the silent auction in January.

PS-Megan, you're such a light in the darkness. It is God's plan that you are in the grief group. My girlfriend is now in a grief group and is being comforted in ways she never knew before.



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you are amazing... HE shines right through YOU!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Well bummer - BUT GOD KNOWS and certainly there was a GREAT reason. :)

Macsen wasn't affected at all by the snow, because he's perfectly content and over-joyed in his present home! I look forward to meeting your sweetie and I wonder if he and Anna have already met. I hope so. :)


etrhodes said...

Thank you for the kind e-mail that you sent my way! I don't mind at all for you to link my blog to yours... I have read parts of your story and what peace and hope you convey- thank you for allowing God to be glorified through you. Your sweet picture of Macsen is just breathtaking! Many prayers for you and your family.

Linda said...

I read your comments on Corie's blog and followed the link to yours. I'm so sorry about your little boy. I have lost two children - an adult son six years ago and then a sweet "late-in-life" baby in May 2004. He lived and breathed on this earth for six glorious hours, and my heart is torn between my five children on earth and my two children in heaven. I'm glad that you are taking the GriefShare classes. I think they are wonderful, and because of them, we (husband and me) began to realize for the first time just how many people are hurting in this old world. This resulted in adding our three daughters from China. I can honestly say that what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good.

I pray that you will have peace during this holy season. Merry Christmas.