Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{i BeLiEvE}

Why must there be so much pain here?
Why do people choose to see that which they do not have, versus what they do have?
Why do my prayers seem unanswered?
Why is God not breaking certain hearts for what is right and waking them up to truth?
Why am I a mommy that has a deceased baby boy?

I do not have one answer to any of these questions. And I likely won't, this side of Heaven.
A friend asked me tonight if I ever get to a point where I am like, when will all these trials end?Yes I do. I ask and I get no answer. He doesn't always say something. He isn't always obvious and clear. BUT He is always there. And as the words to this powerful song so articulate my world as of late, (and many reading I am sure will relate as well) this is my response:

That is enough. He is enough.

(I recommend starting the song below by Barlow Girl, close to the top and just sitting back and taking it in. If I could sing (which I SO can not....I would say this is a "my mantra song", if I have ever heard one!


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I believe too, sweet friend...your faith is beautiful...and our God is able...

May you feel His arms around you as He carries you today...

Chelsea Pang said...

I believe in loving my baby even when I can't physically love her.

Thank you for that song and honest words.

Ruth said...

i believe, thanks for sharing!