Monday, March 23, 2009

{wOnDeR wOmAn}

It is such a comfort to know that God is on His thrown. That He is indeed sovereign, and nothing gets past His eyes that roam this entire earth. Nor do His eyes miss what He sees in our heart. I certainly do not ignorantly think that my heart has yet arrived. I am wretched at best and am daily in need of repentance and cleansing. But in this season in my life I feel as though the wicked are prospering, and that this world is pulling on me from all sides whispering lies and temptations with vigor like never before!

The bible says that in our weakness, He is strong. That means I should be a super hero right now, due to the fact that I have clearly, never been so weak! I actually, as childish as it is, like to picture myself as a super hero.....spiritually speaking of course. As though I am no other then - WONDER WOMAN... in this dark kingdom of spiritual warfare! I picture myself as I once OBSESSIVELY watched Linda Carter in all of her strength and ability, save the day, get the bad guy, and still manage to have an utter grace and femininity to her! All, of course, while maintaining perfect make up and oh-so fashionable hair! Truth be told, as a little girl I owned the WONDER WOMAN pantie/tank top set and wore it until it was unrecognizable! I so wanted to be her. Little did I know that in order to "be" her in any capacity as a grown up it meant, one day, I would need to walk through so very much! Fortunately, this WONDER WOMAN is being carried!

How entertaining it is to sit by and watch Hollywood come out depicting all the super heroes I so hypnotically watched weekly in those choppy, bad acting television shows of the time.(Wow do I feel old sharing that!) I am eager to see WONDER WOMAN come out in all it's color and visuals possibly someday soon. Too bad Hollywood's credentials for casting her will likely be utter beauty and fame. If they knew our God and His casting hopefuls how differently they might likely choose. (I mean I do wear cuffs like she did. Doesn't that count for something? Of course she would need to go from being a buxom brunette to a very PAID TO BE THIS BLONDE-BLONDE!) All kidding aside, I am actually thinking about the trials I have had to endure that "qualify" me for that casted role in my own small world. How I pray He uses them to make me, His WONDER WOMAN.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

1 Peter 5 :10



Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love this!!! And, I too proudly sported the Wonder Woman Underoos as a little girl...good times. How true it is...He is the wonder...and I, like you, am just a woman who feels like a little girl a lot of the time. I'm so glad He carries us...and that we don't have to rely on ourselves to fulfill the "wonder woman" role. Our God is able...and He is faithful. Be of good courage, sweet friend...continue to hope in the Lord who will strengthen your heart. Thanks for your encouraging words...great post!

Ruth said...

You are so precious! What a great perspective. Continuing to lift you up.

Rachel said...

Thanks Megan! I feel like I'm reading a devotional every time I read your blog and that's so good for me. I'm weak too and SOOO thankful he is STRONG!
Praying for you and your girls,

Jennifer Ross said...

God will provide, in His time! I loved the picture! Aren't we all wonder women? For us to endure such heartache and to still put our trust in God. It's not always the easiest thing to do. Thanks for the great post:) It was very uplifting.


Chelsea Pang said...

Yes, those are great words. The battle is already won, I am the victory in Christ. Thank you!