Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{mInIsTrY oF tHe MoNtH}

My sweet Macsen went Home this month just 2 short years ago. So it is with tears in my eyes, that I reflect back on ALL that God has done since then. And to see all the beauty He has brought from my ashes.....

It is a real honor and pleasure for me to share with you, my friend, the Duet Diva. She is an amazingly gifted photographer, writer, friend, and disciple of Christ. She is full of life and the celebration of it! So you can imagine my excitement when she asked if she could put
The Greatest Blessing up as her "Ministry of the Month". Each month she highlights a ministry and shares it with her "blog world" as a way of getting the word out there.

The link to her announcement is here at, When a Duet Becomes a Trio Blog .
(See also the 'I Am a Faithful' button to direct left.)

In light of recent events, and in the anniversary month of my little mans exodus Home, this has blessed my socks off! Thank you Duet Diva!


Duet Diva said...

Dear sister if you only knew how you have blessed me! Hugs to you this month.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Yeah! That is awesome...so glad the Lord is blessing you and your wonderful ministry...thank you Duet Diva!

Holly said...

Wonderful that you are being highlighted! I hope the word spreads about your ministry!

Jennifer Ross said...

That's so wonderful to hear! You deserve it!!