Thursday, August 21, 2008

{I cAn CeLeBrAtE!}

Today......I miss Macsen.

Yesterday....I missed him too.

Tomorrow....I will miss him some more........

With each day that goes by,however, that he is not here with me, there are many things I can celebrate. I can celebrate in knowing that there is a heaven and waiting for me there is a sweet little face that I will get to know for the very first time. I can celebrate in knowing my boy sees me, and is praying for me! Knowing that God sees all is clearly enough motivation to press on to righteousness. But having another set of eyes on me, makes it all the more. I think about, how often do we, with our whole being, not feel like doing something, but because
our little one's eye's are on us, we do it anyhow. Do we ever regret when we press past those selfish feelings? To show the light we have deposited in us by the Holy Spirit? The light we so direly want them to have?! I am encouraged in knowing, now that Macsen is Home, there is no time in which my actions will not be seen by small eyes. That is a wake up call! And while I am here,I can celebrate in his big sisters. His sisters that have mannerisms that he may have shared. A laugh just like one of them, a way in which they ask for something with their "small person" voices. As I celebrate in them, I actually, am also celebrating in him! And he sees that. As does our God.....SEE ALL!

But our citizenship is in Heaven. Philippians 3:20

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