Saturday, August 9, 2008

{My GiFt}

Once upon a time there was a little girl that loved God. She had read of Him and His power and creativity first displayed in His creating all of nature and the earth. As the girl grew, she couldn't explain this innate desire she had to talk to Him. But, as the desire would surface, the girl did what came naturally to her. She would talk to Him. Unbeknownst to her, she had become completely addicted to this practice in her life.

As time went on, she grew tired and hurt. The world was cruel to her. Always promising more and more, never following through with it's promises. People mistreated her and over looked the beauty deep within her. With each new pain that came her way, her talking with God became less and less. Until eventually, she was only speaking to Him when she wanted to ask for something.

One day, God gave her a gift, and she didn't even know it.This gift was like nothing that she had ever received before. It left her feeling heartbroken in a way that she had not known before. This gift was something she could not hold, and could not see. She could not hear it, and she could not feel it. This gift appeared to be without purpose. This gift perplexed the girl and had caused her to stop talking with God.

Eventually this girl felt very alone. Sad and afraid she wondered around, unsure of who she was. She had spent so many years talking with her God, that now that she wasn't any longer, she was without direction. Everything seemed hopeless. Shortly, there after, she realized her sadness could only be healed with one thing. Talking to her God.

Her talking with Him was new, like never before. It had changed somehow. There was a clearness there that hadn't been before. She felt closer and fuller to Him then she ever had. As she looked back upon her journey, everyday she thought of the gift God had given her. It was so unforgettable, yet invisible. But soon she realized, what a gift it actually was. This gift, that she could not hold or see, or hear or feel.... suddenly now she could. It looked different then she thought it would. But it was even more beautiful! And it didn't sound like what she imagined it would. It was so much more! And it certainly did not feel like she had pictured it might. It felt so much better! This gift, still she could not hold.
But one day she will. And when she does.....
she never has to let go!

Macsen are my gift from God. You are the reason that my heart desires God all the more. The reason that my purpose is more vivid. You are my boy, my gift. I love you baby!


Lynn said...

Wow Megan! You continue to amaze me!

Shay said...

Praise God that we never have to let go! Thanks for the blog comments, and it's lovely to meet you. :)

amy said...

Megan, this is so amazing. I love what you have done... our Macsen is smiling. I love you.