Wednesday, September 24, 2008


What person could honestly say that when they die, that they don't hope their life left some kind of a mark? One to grow from, learn from or be inspired by? A mark that encompasses the hope they had, the things they loved, and ultimately the part they played in having been used through their own hurts, pain, regrets and mistakes. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, turn it all around in a way that brings glory to God and the heart He has for His people. I for one want desperately to leave that kind of mark! That kind of legacy. He is very much in the business of redemption! It is His specialty, and His delight! And it no doubt is what brings Him the most glory!

For me, a "legacy" reaches easiest in terms of my little one's and the impression my every move makes upon them. When I look back and really ponder my own childhood, and all the memories I have, I am astounded at what my mind has been able to retain! Small things, yet huge in their ability to really depict those moments I ponder of my youth. ( It helps me to stay mindful of the small minds I now am a mommy too. God help me be bright!!!!)

The small things are small, but they remind me of my true first brush with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. So many things....small-yet huge. Like the smell of home made bread.The time taken to remind me that others have feelings, and sharing and being kind are right, and necessary. I can remember vividly, as if it were yesterday the times my mom would put extra creativity into things! Those things have so stuck! Huge part of why I now strive to be an *oober* colorful mom. ( Oober was so borrowed from a " mentor/ friend-mom"of mine, Debbie. Hi deb! That word is so great!) Every birthday was special, unique and had something involved about it. Like one year she made a detailed Super Woman on my birthday cake with frosting. (You could even see her little arm bands! I loved Super Woman! ) Small.....but big to me. We lived out in the country. Way out in the country I might add, and I can only imagine what a struggle it must have been to dream up things to have us do so we didn't kill each other, nor drive our mom to utter "crazy"! I can so more appreciate that now that I have small people that are ferocious in the "entertain-me-right-now-department". I remember once my mom having my brother and sister and I go out in the October Montana cold to walk around the house a few times on Halloween, only to come through the back porch to a hauntingly fun feast. The lights were dimmed , only lit by candles, my mom was in a costume, (for whatever reason, I have deleted the what costume it was from my mind! RANDOM) and the table was set with crazy, sugary treats, scary prizes and spooky everything! All translated by my small eyes as: LOVE! She put time, energy, thought, time and SELFISHNESS into being a mommy. Being a good parent, i am seeing, can be pretty much rapped up in that one word. I still have to work on that.

I pray that as my babies look back upon the life of their mommy, that they see a woman that first and foremost loved! Loved them, loved God, loved life and all that He had written for the life He had for her. I pray that they see that despite the pain that came my way, and the heartache that I did not choose nor create: Mommy faced it knowing that she is loved by a God that surpasses our own reasoning, intellect, and our own human ability to love. It was Him. It was Him that carried mommy. It was Him that gave her ability where it looked impossible. It was Him that whispered visions into her ears. It was Him that kept her striving towards hope. It was Him that never did leave her nor forsake her. It was Him. It was always Him. He is so good. He loved my mommy, and I know He loves me!

I know that each of us, as mother's, friend's, daughter's, and wive's desire to leave a legacy worthy of leaving! And I pray it's a desire to leave a legacy that doesn't embellish us .....but instead magnifies HIM! I love you God.

The memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the
name of the wicked will rot. ~ Proverbs 10:7

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Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Megan. How can I get in touch with you? I used the email link and it came back as undeliverable. I have some "business" to discuss. :)