Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{My KnIgHt In ShInInG aRmOr}

The thought of my son with my Jesus right now is a balm to a very weary, and frankly anxious day. I know what Jesus said, of how we are to be anxious for nothing. To cast all burdens upon Him. But I am without a doubt human. And there for I am in dire need of mind transformation. We all are, no one is without that same need. I often relay something I heard of Billy Graham not too long ago. Bear in mind, i view this man as no less of a human then we all are. But he is one that God has placed much responsibility on, which heightens my respect and interest in him and there for also my eagerness to hear from his years of wisdom. He was asked about his life and what it would be that he might do differently. His response was without hesitation and completely personal experience. "I would have memorized more scripture." He clearly is in no need of doing such a thing to gain respect or position in the eyes of this world. No, rather he knows that hiding God's word in our heart is going to be our saving grace in times of need. Our rescue mission when we are lost. Or my own secret cry- my knight in shining armor that saves me from this dark, hurtful world!

Jesus, you are my King. My savior. The lover of my soul. How I long to know you more fully. Fill me and those that have my same cry, with an unquenchable thirst for your word. A thirst that satisfies, yet drowns us in addiction of your love. You are worthy of our hearts, worthy of our minds, worthy of our very lives. Take them in your gentle hands, and use them for your glory. And on that most precious day, that you ride in on the clouds, I would see you, My King, smiling down on me. My Knight, flying in to rescue me unto His eternal Kingdom...where I am welcomed to His feasting table, only to be ushered to my seat, where beside me is my son, Macsen.
SIGH. Pressing on..............................You are worthy, Lord, of my LIFE!

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