Saturday, November 29, 2008

{mErRy ChRiStMaS}

After a good cry, and alot of feeling sorry for myself, I gained my composure and became settled with the idea of starting out into the world to find "Christmas" again for my home. (For those who are a bit confused, read the preceding post....but grab the tissues before you do. Hee, hee)

Well, I'm not sure if I mentioned that along with my beautiful Christmas tree, within THAT, box also lay to rest my lovely door swag. The one I created with my own two little hands. One that I looked forward to year after year, hanging proudly for all to see upon entering my home. Gone.....gone forever.

As I perused the craft stores, I was disheartened at all the, well how do you say this nicely.....JUNK! Even my faithful Goodwill wasn't coming through for me. I actually, out of desperation grabbed whatever was remotely "doable" that I saw. Because really, the thought of having nothing {spectacular} on and in my house for Jesus' birthday is about as ghastly to me as having white walls! I could just faint at the thought......(as I fan myself)

I came home, and in my usual way, dove in with absolutely zero idea what I hoped the end result to be. Now bear in mind, this usually ends up in a very awesome result. One that is no less of a surprise to me then it is any audience I may have. And I certainly accredit it in no way to myself, but completely to God. He is after all the One that gave us all of our talents, gifts, brains, ideas etc. Nothing good that comes from me, is me. It is HIM. HIM alone. And me some pretty fantabulous ideas! Really!

Anyhow....a little glue gun here. A little antiquing glaze there. Never forget the Modge Podge......
and VUALA! (I don't speak French so do not expect proper spelling. For goodness sake i can't even spell in English.)

Without further ado.....I present to you, my welcome to you and yours this Christmas-via my front door.......

This angel image is one I hold near to my heart. It is the first my eyes saw and was really able to connect with after my sweet little man went Home. The image has been inducted into "The Greatest Blessing" logo Hall of Fame. It is an image I often use on my memories boxes for other mommies to help them remember what is really at the core of being a mommy: our babies safety, happiness, and well being. (BTW.....the door just so happens to be the precise color of the angels glorious gown. Someone has become a bit OBSESSED with dark teal. She will remain nameless) My girls obviously see this image alot, and it is understood in our home, that the baby in that tender angels arms is their brother, my son, Macsen. We see that image and it conveys peace, reminds us of our hope and is a constant reminder of who NOW holds our loved little one....... KING JESUS.

This Christmas I am reminded of the beautiful place my boy is as He looks down upon his family. As I work diligently to keep my girls eye's on The Reason for The Season, and explore my creative juices to help create memories for them to look upon their eventual past Christmas' with longing. As I am in this world, and not of this world, praying for their physical and spiritual safety and security, I am humbly reminded that my baby Macsen, has all of those things and so very much more. And he has them in an abundance that I can not fully imagine nor fathom. He is after all, in Paradise.


To all of us who are in this world, and heartbroken for the ones that have gone before us to Paradise. For mommy's and daddy's heartbroken in this season of promise. Remember this promise......they are now perfect! Let us take our pain, use it to help others and pour it out as a drink offering to the only one worthy, Lord Jesus. The best babysitter a mommy could ask for. Helping someone else, even in little way has brought more healing to me then I can really convey to you in appropriate words. Our loved one's are so happy. It's the one's down here that are so desperately hurting and need our help, as God uses us to be His hands and feet.

Macsen Danforth Gebhardt arrived Home on December 15th, 2007
Gone but not forgotten.
Missed, but to be with again......
Mommy loves you angel baby!
Merry Christmas!
By the way....have I told you how proud I am of you! Atta' boy!
P.S. Project #2: THE Christmas tree...... big reveal COMING SOON!


Rachel said...

Megan -
I will be praying for you as the anniversary of your son's arrival in heaven approaches. I too lost a child, my daughter Felicity, to a true knot in her cord. (A total shock to us as well) She's only been gone 8 weeks, but sometimes it feels like a lifetime has passed. Thank you for sharing your story and creating a wonderful legacy in Macsen's name!

christa jean said...

I also love dark teal and use it, wear it, decorate with it on a regular basis. That was the color of the door on my last house too!

You truly crafted something fabulous. God has gifted you! I can't wait to meet you in person at the auction. I pray continued peace for you, peace of Christ to you.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

beautiful... your thoughts AND your creation!

... you are in my thoughts & prayers!

melissa said...

Megan, thank you for your wonderful ministry! You are helping to heal the ache in many hearts.

I'd love to put your button on my blog, but it's too big - can you make a smaller/vertical one?

Blessings on this first anniversary. It is hard, but God is good. He will not let you go!